Repo Man Who Paid Off Elderly Couple’s Car Returns Now to Care For Widow UpliftInspiring
April 4, 2017
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Repo Man Who Paid Off Elderly Couple’s Car Returns Now to Care For Widow UpliftInspiring

Jimmy Ford made national headlines in November after he gave an elderly couple the Thanksgiving surprise of a lifetime – and now he’s back to help Pat Kipping recover from the recent death of her husband.

Jimmy originally had to repossess Pat and Stanford Kipping’s 1998 Buick because they couldn’t afford the last five car payments due to their ever-growing list of expensive medications.

Jimmy managed to raise roughly $25,000 on GoFundMe, which helped pay off the Kipping’s car and medical bills.

In the months to come, the Illinois repo man stayed in touch with the couple. The three all chatted on the phone once or twice every week and even occasionally went out to dinner together.

Then, as of one week ago, Jimmy was heartbroken to hear that Stan had passed away due to complications involving a nasty fall.

The senior had to be airlifted to St. Louis by helicopter, leaving his widow Pat with yet another mountain of medical bills. According to Jimmy, she had still had roughly $8,000 saved away from his original crowdfunding campaign until the incident.

“The money that she had – the money that I raised – was pretty much everything that she had left and it all went to the funeral,” Jimmy told the Good News Network. “But luckily, we had that money to begin with; otherwise, they would have been in really bad shape. It’s been tough on her.”

Jimmy has since reopened the GoFundMe page for donations in hopes that the community can come together once more to support Pat with her strenuous situation. Since it was rebooted, the campaign has raised roughly $1,000 for Pat, most of which has come from Jimmy’s friends and family. The compassionate repo man hopes that by at least raising a few thousands more, the donations will ease Pat’s financial burden.

“I’d like to hit that goal cause then at least she would have some money in the bank – she would have a little cushion. As of right now, she has none,” adds Jimmy. “I can’t even imagine how her medical bills look – the helicopter ride alone cost maybe $50,000.”




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