How to Achieve Your Goals by Honoring Your Life
April 14, 2017
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How to Achieve Your Goals by Honoring Your Life

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we start taking our life seriously. This is the moment when we ask ourselves: is this what I want to do with my life?

If yes, then I sincerely congratulate you for doing what you think is best for you. I am sorry for all of them who can’t say yes to the question. Maybe they have had gone through a lot of hard situations that start them thinking about what else we could be doing to improve our lives. If you are also in that situation, this might be of help.

Today I am sharing some keys to life that will help you through your journey.

Momentum is the best powerful force to propel yourself into accomplishing a goal

Momentum is a scientific term which means the rate and acceleration of an object that is moving. But we can apply this term to describe actions within ourselves. It means to be constant in your action, it will lead to rewards and be receiving rewards is a powerful incentive for continued action.

The more you achieve, the bigger you can dream to achieve in the future. See how powerful is this fuel for life, but it is always in a fragile state.By knowing the fragile state of momentum, you will start to develop enemies, some of whom may have been your dearest friends and family. Jealousy, envy and fear will lead your enemies to place obstacles in your way and doubt in your heart. If they can only slow down your progress, then eventually you may trip and fall.

Honor the pathway life has given you

A life’s journey can be filled with pain and heartache, but it can also have moments of joy, wealth, and the overcoming of adversity.

We honor so many things in our life, from our country to our historical figures. So why not take a time of self-reflection to honor your own journey? You are the culmination of a journey that started with your ancestors. You being here now deserves gratified celebration – especially since many other people have not been as fortunate. Each major event in your life is like a milestone marker; it is a marker that shows how far you have come.

When you see from where you have arisen, it gives you the armor to deal with those who seek to stop your momentum. When you honor yourself, you will have humble gratitude for the journey that both you and your ancestors have undertaken.

You have to stop comparing yourself to others

I know this is a cliché statement, but I find it easy to lose sight of this simple message. Honor what you have and do not compare it to other people’s accomplishments or positions.In my own mind, I illustrate this concept as a story where I am vacationing with travel companions on tropical islands.

We have spent a wonderful half day on an island, and my companions suggest going to another island that is about 1,000 feet away. There is a boat that regularly travels to the other island, but it only leaves at night. As my companions want to spend daylight hours on the other island, they collectively agree that swimming the short distance across the open ocean is the best option.

As I keep imagining the narrative, I do not attempt such a risky feat. Instead of sinking into self-degradation of my current limitations, I take a moment to offer gratitude for the honor of even being on such islands, surrounded by such beauty. I am grateful for even being given the possibility of finding hidden opportunities by having more time to explore.

You must go through life at your own ability and pace – you never know what may be waiting exclusively for you.





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