Good news

A Texas postal worker is filling more than just mailboxes — he’s just donated his 100th gallon of blood. Marco Perez, 57, visits the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) every two weeks to donate blood. The San Antonio man

It was an emotional moment on May 19 when Raymond McNamara reunited with his 20-year-old blind cat, Lily, after she was lost for two months in Florida. “Hey Lily, you happy to be home? Happy your daddy’s got you?” Kathy

The only thing worse than being stranded on a broken-down train? Being hungry with no access to food on a broken-down train. For some Amtrak passengers, that nightmare quickly became a reality on Sunday evening as their train from New

Jules Mountain, 2 years ago this week, was lying in his one-man, coffin-like tent at Everest Base Camp, trying to sleep. Suddenly, the ground below him unexpectedly shifted to the left before lifting him into the air, thumping him back

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we start taking our life seriously. This is the moment when we ask ourselves: is this what I want to do with my life? If yes, then I sincerely congratulate you for

Jimmy Ford made national headlines in November after he gave an elderly couple the Thanksgiving surprise of a lifetime – and now he’s back to help Pat Kipping recover from the recent death of her husband. Jimmy originally had to

The French city of Grenoble became the first European city to totally ban outdoor advertising, replacing over 300 billboards and installments with community notice boards and trees. The city’s ban included 326 advertising signs – 64 of which were billboards –

These orphaned baby rhinos may finally be able to recover from losing their parents thanks to the help of these colorful knitted blankets keeping them warm. The rhinos at the Rhino Revolution sanctuary in South Africa are actually greatly benefited by