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Trouble keep chasing the ride-hailing service company Uber, wherever it goes. Recently a court in Rome banned the company in Italy over its contribution to unfair competition faced by the local taxi industry. According to the judgment, the company has

The government of Canada is fighting with the trans fats in the diets for more than a decade. On Friday, Health Canada released a notice of proposal that put total ban on the trans fats. According to the notice, the

Google have become more vigilant over fake news. Company introduced a small breakout box, named fact check tag, in search results. Now if someone asks for any information about the highly contested subject, Google will serve a page from a

Sprint is going to axe its “Cut Your Bill in Half” promo. Until further notice, the carrier is offering something different: $50 for “unlimited” talk, text and data for a single line, $80 for two, $100 for three and $120

When iPhone owners hoping for a cheap screen repair started getting the notorious, phone-bricking Error 53 message last year, the company claimed it was a security measure meant to protect customers from potentially malicious third-party Touch ID sensors. An iOS

These days lots of rumors surrounding around Microsoft’s Book 2 plans, but very little has emerged about the surface pro 5. Shedding some light over the Surface Pro 5, Paul Thurrott revealed that it will not change the proprietary Surface

Glen Murray, Environment Minister, warns that if the province scrapped the Drive Clean program in Ontario than it would become the “beater capital of Canada”. This program mainly targets older cars with pollution problems. Murray was safeguarding the emissions effort,

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has recalled being punched by the late Chuck BerryWriting a tribute to Berry for Rolling Stone, Richards described the late musician as “the granddaddy of us all” and “incredibly versatile”. He also described an incident which

Apple has released a new tool to help highlight apps that will be rendered obsolete by the next major update to its iOS operating system. The tool shipped to iPhone and iPad users with the latest update, to iOS 10.3.

Jimmy Ford made national headlines in November after he gave an elderly couple the Thanksgiving surprise of a lifetime – and now he’s back to help Pat Kipping recover from the recent death of her husband. Jimmy originally had to